How to Perfect Your Website in 2021

Perfect Your Website with Leadbumps Online Marketing

How to Perfect Your Website in 2021

Is your website really working for you? My guess is that it could be better.

As business owners we get lost in our own world. We’re so excited about the services we have to offer that we ignore what our new clients are actually looking for.

In this article I’m going to pull back the curtains on the things you can do to change your results. This is the inside information that we build into every website at Leadbumps.

What Do People Do?

Instead of me telling you what people do, let me ask you a question. If you were looking for a dentist today what would you do? I bet you would do something similar to this…

You would do a Google search for “dentist”. Then you would click on a few of the top results. Once you clicked on one of the websites you would spend about 5 to 10 seconds on the top of the homepage. If the website you are on is filled with generic pictures, you would probably go to the next one on the list.

Overall, you’ll spend 15 or so seconds on that website before you make a decision. You won’t read their articles or look at their blogs. Your decision will be based much more on their pictures, reviews, and how close they are.

On the other hand, the dentist that designed that website will be convinced that you want to read about his or her philosophy, their fancy tools, their blogs, and their Facebook posts. They will put a massive amount of energy into things that you probably don’t care about. You simply want a dentist you like and trust.

Pictures Are Key

We’ve designed thousands of websites at Leadbumps and pictures are always the key. Generic or poor-quality pictures will destroy the results of any client.

Generic or poor-quality pictures will destroy the results of any client.

So what kind of pictures do you need?

In general, you need to show people what it’s going to be like to work with you. No matter what your business is you need to show people what you look like. It’s not a beauty contest. People just need to see you.

It shouldn’t matter what you look like, but it does. As humans we want to see who we are going to be working with.

It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or your company makes cement. Show people who you are in your environment, and they will start to build a bond of trust with you.

Clear Call to Action

So, you have great pictures, but now what? Does your potential new client know what they are supposed to do if they want to work with you?

Almost every website fails to clearly display a “Call to Action”. Remember what I said earlier…you have about 15 seconds to show someone who you are and get them to act. If your “Call to Action” isn’t one of the first things they see, then I promise you’re losing clients.

At Leadbumps we do not build a website today without a clear call to action button on every page.

Do You Show Up?

So, you have great pictures, and you have a perfect call to action, but can people find you? If someone does a Google search in your city do you show up at the top?

Most websites are poorly put together. Google devalues them and they never rank well in the search results. If this happens to you then your website is a waste.

70% of all searchers pick someone on the first page, and 80% of those people pick someone near the top.

Your website provider must be an expert at SEO or search engine optimization. It can be hard to find experts in this area, but the founders of Leadbumps are world class. We make sure our clients rank well.

If you’re wondering about your website give us a call at (920) 347-5356. We’ll evaluate what you have now and give you suggestions for improvements.