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veterinary reputation management

Most veterinarians and veterinary offices lack a reputation system. This results in a very expensive mistake. For most people, seeing one bad review among many other good reviews is not very bothersome, however, if the bad review is the only thing they see, issues arise.

When contemplating your reputation, ask this question. If you were looking for a service provider and someone had a bad review, would you choose them? There is a chance you would if this negative review was accompanied by 50 positive ones but most likely no chance if the provider only has the negative review.

On top of limiting and drowning out the bad reviews, it is important to maintain a 5 star veterinary reputation. For many potential new clients, they are looking for a high ranking and 5 star quality veterinary office. This can be your office.

the problem veterinarians face

As a former service provider, I understand the uncomfortable feeling you get when asking for reviews. Even if you know your clients had an excellent experience and love the office, it can be challenging. Many of the top offices may ask for reviews a couple times a year during special promotional events, but this is not enough. This will make your office fall behind other offices who are asking each of their patients for reviews.

the solution

Today’s best solution for veterinary reputation management is at Inception. The system we have created alleviate the stress from the veterinarians and staff. This solution is a text or email service which messages clients after their appointment asking if they would be interested in writing a review. A click of the yes button redirects them to a 5 star review image. If a 3 or less is selected from this image, the client is sent to a form that gets emailed straight to the veterinarian. A selection of 4 or 5 are directed to Facebook, Google or any other review site you would like.

the results

For our clients who use the advanced reputation system, the results are incredible. Many of these clients have more than tripled the amount of 5 star Google reviews in under one year. The same offices began with less than 10 reviews. Simply stated, if you ask all your clients for reviews, your total reviews will go up. And although it may be hard for you and your staff to ask everyone, there is no need to worry because our system will do it for you. If you have any other questions, let us know. We're here to answer those questions.


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Buyers Trust Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations


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