4 Steps to Online Marketing Success for Your Business

4 Keys to Online Success with Leadbumps Online Marketing

4 Steps to Online Marketing Success for Your Business

In my world, I have the opportunity to speak to business owners across the country on a daily basis. Most of them are ready to throw their hands up in frustration when they call. The truth is that online marketing success does not have to be difficult or expensive.

Let’s talk about the 4 steps to online success this year…


Any success that businesses have online starts with a strong website. Whether clients do a direct search for you on Google or are comparing you to the other businesses in your area, they are going to look at your website.

When we look into the analytics of the businesses that we work with we see that people do not spend a lot of time on the website. The first 5 to 10 seconds are spent on the homepage followed by 5 seconds on the about us page. That’s it.

They’re not reading about where you went to school or about your philosophy. They’re not reading about the equipment you have or the services you offer. In most cases they’re looking at your pictures and deciding if they “like you” and “trust you”.

Pictures are critical and few businesses put any effort into them. For a small fee, you can hire a photographer to take amazing pictures. That tiny investment can revolutionize your online results.

The second piece to a successful website is a clear call to action. Your call to action needs to be the first or second thing they look at in 5 seconds. Fail here, and I assure you that you are losing clients to the business down the road.


If you are not familiar with Google Ads, I’ll you give a quick rundown. Whenever someone searches on Google, Google will display Ads right at the top of the page above all the other listings.

With Google Ads you can target exact keywords that new clients are typing into a search. When a search is done your ad will show up at the top of the results for your chosen keyword. If the client clicks your ad they will be taken to your website or a landing page.

In most cases, we suggest that businesses send those leads to their website, but it depends on how good your website is. If you have a generic website without pictures, and a clear call to action, you’re in trouble. You could waste a lot of money on ads that are sending potential new clients to a web page that does not convert.

In almost every city Google Ads are worth a try. Within 6 to 8 weeks, you should have a very good idea if they will work for you or not.


To have success running Facebook Ads, a business should first understand the mindset behind their audience. When someone opens their Facebook App, the last thing they were probably looking for was your business. That doesn’t mean they are not interested in what you do, but it’s not what they went there to find.

Your ad needs to speak to them and stand out from the background noise. The role of a good Facebook Ad is to spark their interest enough to get them to take action.

Facebook is more volatile than AdWords, but it can produce outstanding results. If you are trying to maximize your online numbers, it’s something you’ll want to have in place.


Although we waited until Step 4 to talk about Reviews, it certainly does not mean that they are not important. In my opinion reviews are one of the main factors a potential client uses to make their decision.

The businesses that have a lot of reviews have a system in place to generate them. Hoping that a client will review you on their own will leave you disappointed. You need a system in place that gently guides them to leave you a review.

Most people make their decision based on the number of reviews you have.

If you made it this far you are ahead of the game. The businesses that can successfully implement the above systems are the businesses that will maximize their online presence.

I hope this magazine gives you the info you need to take your online marketing to the next level.