Veterinary Website Analytics



At Leadbumps all of our websites are constantly being analyzed and tracked to determine performance and trends. We have always followed the rule of quality over quantity. The results that our clients see are not just from a one time startup, they are from dedicated time and work for each clients website. When we analyze the performance of one website, we can use that information to better our client’s websites across the globe.

Tracking Your Website Performance

Each individual website is being tracked through a Google Analytics account. With this information we can see all the traffic that goes on throughout the day on your website. We can use this data to make any necessary changes for the best performance possible. Even small changes can have a great impact on your website.

We are constantly checking the main keywords that are searched for finding your practice. By analyzing this data, we can ensure that all of our websites will rank at the top for critical search keywords. We also look for trends that change from month to month to bring in the most potential customers.

Having the highest ranking websites requires effort and time. That is why we are ahead of the pack. You will not find another website company that individually provides this much special attention to your website.

What Does it Take to be #1

After managing websites for years, we have the experience to be number one. With over 1000 clients, we are always working hard. Excellence and perfection are qualities that our team at Leadbumps lives by everyday when they come to work.

You deserve to be the market leader in your area, and having your website at the top of search results is a key component in doing so. Call our expert team today to see results. We are always happy to help you succeed.