Veterinary Reputation Marketing



Having a business means that people will create opinions associated with the business through the service they receive and whether they enjoyed their experience online and in person. Your reputation will also determine if people will want your service based on reviews online. Having a bad reputation reflects online by people posting bad reviews and it will stop people from wanting to go to your clinic.

In 2012, Google made a big change to their search results by adding reviews to appear. When people leave reviews good or bad they contribute to the score that you get and can be very helpful for your traffic or very hurtful. 72% of people believe online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation which makes a huge difference on whether people will want to visit your website or not.

Your Online Reputation

You can see that having a five or four-star reputation is very important in this digital age for your veterinary clinic. Leadbumps can help you control your reviews and therefore help you increase traffic to your website. Our online reputation program provides:

  • Alerts when reviews are left for your clinic
  • Training on how and when to respond to reviews
  • Aid to create your five star in office review process
  • Countless reviews for your online space from real clients
  • A growing presence of your business on a monthly basis

Call Leadbumps today so we can help you get great reviews and grow your veterinary clinic.