Veterinary Re-Marketing Ads



Did you know that there is actually a way to market ads specifically to people who were recently at your site. Veterinary Re-Marketing ads make this possible for your website. This is done by using tracking cookies that are tagged to people who have been on your website. The team of trained web professionals at Leadbumps will install the code and will create a number of ads that the potential clients will see. After the person leaves your site they will receive ads on the sides of their screen for your site.

In many studies, it has been proven that repetition is very useful for marketing. The more often they see your logo or your ad the more likely the client will come to your clinic.

Where the Ads Run

These ads are specially programmed to only run for people who access your website and live within a certain radius of your veterinary clinic. This way you're not wasting money on people who get directed to your website and will not actually visit your clinic. Not only is the location controlled but also the time. This allows us to decide what time of the day these ads will be able to be run. From our extensive experience at Leadbumps we have found the optimal time for these ads to be the most effective and make the most on your investment

Our Re-Marketing Ads

Leadbumps can help you put together a Re-marketing system that will have other veterinarians jealous. As an overview we:

  • Create custom ads
  • Set up tracking codes
  • Create ad campaigns

Working with us will allow you to relax as more people visit your website and become loyal clients. Give us a call today, our team will be happy to speak with you.