Facebook Fan Pages



Are you confused on how to use Facebook and how it can benefit your Veterinary practice? A veterinary fan page can help. To help you, our team at Leadbumps will take over all of the confusing parts associated with Facebook. This article will explain the dos and don’ts of Facebook, which we will be doing for you.

Many veterinarians are confused on what exactly a Facebook Fan Page is? When first signing up for Facebook, you create a personal profile page. This is the area where you can interact with family, friends and colleagues. And although some people use this for their businesses, it is not the intended purpose.

There is also a system for Fan Pages through Facebook. These pages are used to display business and groups that someone is interested in creating. Also, Fan pages can rank in search engines organically, unlike personal profiles.

The Keys To Success:

  1. Your page should have some customization. Facebook provides you some tools to do this, however, a trained designer will add more quality. The designers at Leadbumps create custom backgrounds for each of our clients.
  2. It is important to get clients to “Like” your page. Facebook likes equate to your pages popularity and the more you get, the more you will get out of your page. At our office we have assisted many clients in creating successful pages. All of our ideas are shared with our network of clients.
  3. The final key is to make posts often. Our clients enjoy our quality posts multiple times each week. These posts will allow us to help you engage your clients.

At Leadbumps, we will build you a customized Facebook Fan Page.