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When it comes to veterinary internet marketing, the holy grail is Facebook ads. Countless companies have been working for countless years, trying to create the perfect Facebook advertisement campaign; however, they have nothing to show for it. It is not until now that this frustrating and time-consuming process has begun to turn over a new leaf.

In the article below, I am going to delineate each and every aspect that we know about veterinary Facebook marketing. What works, and more importantly what does not work. All the details you need to know are here. I hope you take this and are able to spend your time and money effectively.

What can You do for

facebook advertising?

what most people do on Facebook

what most people do

Most veterinarians will post canned posts or inspirational quotes on Facebook. The post to the left is an example of a common post. Yes, it looks nice, but, will it bring in new clients?

This is a common misconception when it comes to Facebook. We receive many calls in which everyone believes that simply posting on Facebook results in an influx of new clients. It is important to know that only people who like their page will see the posts. To make matters worse, only 30% of people who have liked their page will end up seeing their posts.

Spending money on Facebook Ads is how to increase your reach to people who are not already your clients. Anyone in your community can be reached through paid advertisement. Before getting too excited, slow down and learn the steps of this process.

Unfortunately, many veterinarians loss upwards of thousands of dollars trying to execute Facebook Ads because they never learned the ropes of the operation.

what actually works

As a veterinarian, Facebook can be used as an effective and efficient tool for client retention. But, you need to make sure you are looking at Facebook with the correct lens.

Simply by posting on Facebook as a veterinarian, it isn't going to drive new clients in your doors. The way you should look at Facebook is a tool to build a relationship with your current clients.

The best way to do this is by posting personalized posts, events, and contests that relate to your office. Some examples of these are posting about a new hire in the office, posting family pictures of the vet, or even running a contest for how many dog treats are in a jar!

By treating Facebook as a tool, you will be able to connect with your current patients and drive interaction on your page. This is the best way to use Facebook as a Veterinarian.

what actually works on Facebook

What About
Paid Facebook Ads?

A plethora of young entrepreneurs have risen in 2018 and they are hitting the veterinary market with Facebook advertising packages ranging from $1500 to $3000 a month. These salesmen even offer to work for one week for free in order to prove themselves. Each and every one of them uses the same pitch: a discounted offer on a consultation, exam, etc. The number of new client leads is decent, but the quality of these leads is below par.

This may be considered a successful advertising model, but the price is insane! These young internet salesmen are pocketing $900 to $1400 a month and only putting $600 towards your ads. We want to teach you how to do this yourself.

After working in the healthcare field for many years, I know what running an office takes. I have a personal understanding of your hard earned money and you should not be taken advantage of. You should be spending only what it takes to run your ads and not a penny more.

There really are only a few different types of Facebook Ads. Once you understand what they are and how they work, you will be able to choose which one is best for your office.

Types of Facebook Ads:

  • Community Expert Ads
  • Discount Offer Ads
  • Community Events

Here at LeadBumps, we want to set you up with all of the tools so you can do advertising yourself. But, if you are looking for someone to do the ads for you we will show you the best options available.

What Click Funnels Actually Are

Click Funnels is just a fancy name for a small, basic website, also known as a “Landing Page.” The common thought is that Click Funnels is going to automatically bring in new clients. It will not. It is completely unnecessary for advertising on Facebook.

While Click Funnels is not needed, having a simple website or “Landing Page” can be beneficial. They can:

  1. Track Leads Better
  2. Emphasize the “Call to Action”
  3. Be Less Distracting

Our team at Leadbumps makes the best landing pages in the industry. We can make one for any topic and the price is included! No Click Funnels subscription anymore!

Recommended Facebook Advertising Budget

Facebook advertisement requires about $20-$30 a day. This is a strong budget but in some cities, this price range may vary. It is not unusual to try and undercut those numbers but expect worse results. If you are playing the game, play it right.

Burnout Of Facebook Advertising

No matter what the young entrepreneurial salesmen say, there is a burnout when it comes to veterinary Facebook advertising. It may be different depending on your location but there is a burnout. You cannot avoid the burnout but you can postpone it by changing your ads often. A lot of the companies out there will try to convince you that it will always be better next month. Do not get caught in the repeating payment trap.

YouTube Video
buyer beware

beware of this scary scenario

After doing many hours of research on Facebook advertising there is a common situation that would scare many doctors. Unaware salesmen brag about their success in YouTube videos, completely unaware to client confidentiality. They show real doctors and real numbers. When that information falls into the wrong hands, that business is in trouble. There are a plethora of scam reporters who are waiting to snatch one of those videos and put the office out of business.

You should confirm that your veterinary Facebook advertising company is not using your information to promote themselves. A 23-year-old with a backward hat, bragging about his success with your business, is not good for your image.