Google Maps Marketing



Google Maps or Google My Business is something important to understand; however, most veterinarians we talk to are unaware of their importance. Google My Business is replacing Google Places for local businesses.

When searching for something such as “veterinary green bay” the listings that will populate are Veterinary My Business Local listings. Usually, next to the top results, there will be tear drops (A,B,C,D) which will bring you to their respected Google My Business listing. This system did not exist in previous years. In the past, you would see search result below Google Maps listings.

By joining a website and Google Maps listing, a Plus Local Listing is created. The two separate things are now joined, and thus the power is too. Ranking well in the Google search engine will be attributed to a good My Business listing joined with a good website.

Google My Business?

Google is very effective at locating businesses, therefore, you likely have a listing already. However, it is not claimed or verified. This is important. Afterwards, content needs to be added to your page in the forms of:

  • Written Descriptions
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Reviews

Fill out as much information as you can. The most complete page in our category will be promoted first.

Second, in order to promote your listing, links will need to lead to it. However, not just backlinks on your website. Directory listing links are the links that Google uses for Google My Business. For example, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Directory and more. There is a plethora of directories and the more relevant the better.

At Leadbumps, we help with all this work for our clients. We make sure it has all the necessary information and links. With full spectrum SEO and a powerful Google listing, you will succeed in the world of veterinary websites.