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I am constantly talking with Veterinarians from across the US about marketing techniques. Almost every doctor has the same goal, more patients. This list has 65 creative veterinary marketing ideas for you to try.

#65: Directories

Ensure that your veterinary website is visible in the best directories. Whitespark is a program you may use to view your competitors.

Check Out Whitespark
#64: Use Great Titles

Ensure that your veterinary website uses strong title tags. Interesting and appealing title tags will make your website pop in every search result.

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#63: Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be effective at gaining links that point to your website but I recommend reading this article by a employee at Google.

read complete article
#62: Powerful Pictures

Your response rate will sky rocket when your pictures are appealing. Your website and social media page should showcase interesting pictures. Deposit Photos is a company that offers quality pictures for any posts you create.

check out deposit photos
#61: Mobile Marketing

It is essential for your veterinary website to function properly with a mobile device. There is a growing number of people that use their phones for searching and your website must be “responsive” in order to stay competitive with other companies.

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#60: Animoto Office Tour

Animoto is an affordable website that creates professional videos from picture submissions. All you have to do is take high quality office photos and you will have a professional office tour video.

check out animoto
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#59: Create Office Video

Videos are one of the most successful ways to showcase who you are. Videos will help pet owners trust you and a high quality office introduction video is worth the investment.

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#58: FAQ Page

Include common questions from pet owners that come into your office. A strong frequently asked questions page will build your credibility.

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#57: Build a Sitemap

A sitemap for your website will allow Google to easily find all the pages on your site. The easier it is for google to access your pages, the more credit your pages will receive.

create a great sitemap
#56: Ezine Article Posts

Writing and posting articles about veterinary will help increase the amount of traffic coming towards your site. You may post on your own website or on Ezine articles.

check out ezine articles
#55: Learn About Yelp

Yelp is a strong review source. Yelp can have a big impact on your credibility. Be careful though, a poor review is very difficult to get fixed.

check out yelp
#54: Write An Awesome Ad

Take time out of your day to learn how to create ads. I have created videos about potential ideas for writing a strong ad.

read about print ads
#53: Sponsor Local Groups

Sponsor groups around the area or offer your office as a space to meet in. It is never a bad idea to help out an organization or group in the area.

find a sponsor
#52: Do Blog Comments

Read any veterinary blogs and post a response. You may also create a comment on one of our veterinary blogs.

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#51: Yahoo Confirmation

Verify your Yahoo business listing. This link will bring you to Yahoo business listings.

create a yahoo business listing
#50: Bing Confirmation

Verify your Bing business listing. This link will bring you to Bing Webmaster Tools.

use bing webmaster tools
#49: Google Confirmation

Verify your Yahoo business listing. This link will bring you to Yahoo business listings.

confirm google business listing
#48: Use Hootsuite

Hootsuite will be able to help you manage all your social media posts. It will save a lot of time as you can post once to Hootsuite and it will post to all your accounts on a schedule you create.

check out hootsuite
#47: Create Email List

Compile emails to be proactive with. The list should include your current pet owners and also potential pet owners that go to your website.

how-to create email list
#46: Specialty Websites

You can consider creating a separate website for a specialty if you have one. Some veterinarians specialize in diet, weight loss, massage, and more.

see example sites
#45: Off Site SEO

It is important to have high quality links that point to your website. This article will help explain how to do so.

use internet marketing
#44: On Site SEO

Every single nook and cranny of your website should be optimized. This article should help you ensure your website has everything it needs to rank well.

use internet marketing
#43: Instructional Videos

YouTube is a great source for creating instructional videos. Providing some information for free will help people trust you and is a great tactic for getting new pet owners walking through the door.

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#42: Patient Testimonials

Testimonials that are either written or in video form are huge for increasing traffic. Google loves YouTube and potential pet owners are very interested in what others have to say.

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#41: Social Websites

Social websites are all over the internet. I recommend you delegate the task of creating profiles for your office to one of your staff members.

do social media marketing
#40: Write an eBook

eBooks are easier to write than a book. There is also an option for someone to write it for you. This will make you appear like an expert of veterinary.

get started on an ebook
#39: Write a Book

Credibility is given to authors. If you were searching for a veterinarian, would you pick one that wrote a book or one that didn't. You don’t have to do it alone! There are many helpful tools in writing a book.

tips to get started with a book
#38: Chamber of Commerce

Join a local group or even the Chamber of Commerce. This involves a lot of talking and screening but is a wonderful way to network and promote your capabilities.

join the chamber
#37: Marketing Calendar

You should put all your marketing campaigns onto a calendar. You should add events until there are two going on every week.

create a calendar
#36: Weekly Newsletters

Newsletters have grown on me as I used to be opposed. They need to be written well and follow a specific style in order to be effective.

how to increase referrals
#35: Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides these tools for a reason, use them! You can spot any problems in your website along with track how well it is doing analytically. This will help you understand the traffic you are receiving.

use webmaster tools
#34: Google Analytics

Google Analytics showcases the amount of traffic your website is getting. It also shows statistics on your traffic. High volume and low conversion rates mean there is a problem at hand.

track your analytics
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#33: Pay-Per-Click Ads

Pay per click ads is also known as Google Adwords. In the last few years, Google Adwords has become one of the most effective forms of getting more patients. Some offices report 10-15 new patients from this form of marketing.

try online advertising
#32: Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an effective way to get more likes on your business page. Facebook is equipped with controls that allow you to target very specific demographics.

facebook ads for veterinarians
#31: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn allows you to market with other businesses and other professionals in your field. LinkedIn can be used to set up talks with other professionals.

check out linkedin
#30: Pinterest Marketing

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, pinterest is not ideal for growing your practice but there are effective ways to help market your office through the use of pinterest.

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#29: Google+ Marketing

Google+ is the single handed most effective social media page for your office. Give us a call and we can help you enhance your Google+ page to increase your online presence.

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#28: YouTube Marketing

YouTube helps you display who you are. It can help you build a relationship with your pet owners and also post testimonial videos. Professional videos on YouTube can bring your office to the next level.

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#27: Twitter Marketing

Twitter poses a few challenges but it is possible to be successful with it. The hardest part is to get your community to follow you, but it is possible.

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#26: Facebook Marketing

Basic use of Facebook provides minimal results. Facebook ads is where the money is at. Learn how to enhance your Facebook presence.

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#25: Veterinarian Blogging

Blogs will, without a doubt, help increase the traffic coming to your site. Potential pet owners will love the content and Google rewards offices that regularly add to their website.

get started blogging
#24: Referral Cards

This form of internal marketing, if done correctly, can be extremely successful. Your staff is capable of running this simple and easy program.

start a referral program
#23: Guerrilla Marketing

Going out into the neighborhood can also be a way to positively affect your office. Learn more about how to “hit the streets” and increase the amount of people walking through the door.

hot to hit the streets
#22: Health Screenings

Use local events to showcase your skills. If they allow animals, you will be the talk of the event and should be able to schedule many consultations.

do pet health screenings
#21: Groupon

This form of a coupon works well but beware. There are many instances in which you receive bad, crazy pet owners. Make sure you receive high quality leads from any marketing strategy you use.

check out our groupon
#20: TV Advertising

Pet TV ads have been successful in the past, but make sure to showcase what makes your office better than the rest. Show off any special services you provide.

how-to do tv ads
#19: Billboards

Generally speaking, billboards are a waste of money. If you do have a large office and they fit into the budget, it might be worth considering.

is billboard marketing for you?
#18: Newspaper Ads

Be careful with newspaper ads. There is a specific approach in order to make them be successful. Focus on the “know, like and trust” factor in order to obtain new leads.

how-to do print ads
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#17: Monthly Profession

Reaching out to other business can be helpful in generating new patients. Many people have pets and exposure to the more people, the better.

try a monthly profession program
#16: Lunch and Learns

If you are strong at speaking in front of people this could work for you. Contact other businesses and organizations and offer to feed and speak to them.

learn at lunch how-to
#15: Dinner Lead Boxes

Dinner lead boxes can be an effective way to gain leads Follow our tips and tricks in order to get the most pet owners requesting consultations as possible.

do a dinner talks program
#14: Outside Dinner Talks

Dinner talks can be a lot of work and generating leads during a dinner talk can be very difficult. Read more about how we found success in dinner talks.

try a dinner talks program
#13: Pet Owner Dinner Talks

Invite your best pet owners and their friends to a dinner talk. This is a great way to increase referrals to your office.

do a dinner talks program
#12: Kids Day

Kids days can be hectic, but is a great way to connect with the younger demographic. Consider inviting kids for a tour to showcase your office.

find out more
#11: X-Ray Day

Offer discounted x-rays to all your existing patients for a day. This is a great way to bring pets in more often.

read more about x-rays
#10: Lead Boxes

Place lead boxes throughout your community. Call these leads and explain what you can do to help them and their pets. This program is effective for new offices.

how to generate leads
#9: Pet massage

Pets benefit from massages too! Offer pet massages in order to bring more people into the office.

massage therapy article
#8: Pet owner Massage

Offer pet owners a massage while their pet is getting checked on. You may have to hire a massage therapist but it will definitely bring a lot of new faces into your office.

about massage
#7: Review Replies

Always reply to your reviews with the proper keywords. This will help boost your online presence and is very easy to do.

business massage program
#6: Client Appreciation

Appreciation days are very simple to coordinate and do not have to be a big fuss. Schedule them every few months to show how much you care.

show client appreciation
#5: Daily Ticks

Information, information, information. Always give your pet owners a lot of information to make sure they feel comfortable. Educated pet owners are loyal and there is a better chance they will refer your office.

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#4: Office Feel

Make sure your office feels comfortable and inviting. Aim for more of a cafe-like feel rather than a stale, sterile “white wall” environment. This will increase the chances they pet owners bring their pet back.

get design inspiration
#3: White Board Topics

Place a white board in the waiting room. Change the topic every week in order to keep your pet owners interested and occupied while they wait.

generate topic ideas
#2: Office Pamphlets

Pamphlets are very helpful to showcase all the services you provide. Rather than displaying all the pamphlets you have with all the conditions, simply lay one out every week to increase the chance the pet owners read it.

print brochures
#1: Veterinary Website

An optimized and responsive website is the best possible marketing technique you can apply to your office. This is the number one way to generate new patients. Take a look at our example websites and give us a call!

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